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(L-R) Peter, George and Teddy Kunhardt filming Living With Lincoln

(L-R) Peter, George and Teddy Kunhardt filming Living With Lincoln

Kunhardt Film Foundation (KFF) is a not-for-profit organization that produces, preserves and distributes free educational media, including interviews, documentary films, and teaching tools about the people and ideas that shape our world.

KFF was founded by a family of filmmakers, who produce award-winning documentaries that explore social justice, history, politics, the arts, and culture. These films have introduced a generation of viewers to American presidents, senators, artists, cultural and civil rights leaders. They have explored the individuals behind social movements, revealed the inner workings of cultural institutions, and captured times of national tragedy. A focus of many of these films is the role of moral leadership.

Beginning in 2018, the Kunhardt Film Foundation committed to making these films available to the public, as well as the full-length interviews under the banner of the Interview Archive. This fast growing multi-media resource includes interviews with activists, leaders, journalists, writers, artists, historians, celebrities, educators, athletes, and ordinary people who have extraordinary stories. 

The Archive contains interviews on leadership, civil rights, the women’s movement, mass incarceration, arts, culture, and history. It includes personal storytelling from John Lewis, John McCain, Gloria Steinem,  Warren Buffett, Joan Baez, Bryan Stevenson, Ava Duvernay, Cornel West, Pete Seeger, Ta-Nehisi Coates, former U.S. presidents, and hundreds more.

KFF creates standards-aligned multimedia educational resources. Our commitment to open access to the use of high-quality content, has created a new model for the role of documentary film and interviews in education.

Board of Directors

Dario Abreu
Marc Ayala
Jacqueline Glover
George Kunhardt
Peter Kunhardt
Teddy Kunhardt
Timothy Mattison
Arlene Millar
Liliana Wolking
Jason Zwanch

Logan Adler, Director of Finance and Admin

Bobby Bitter, Business Development & Communications

David Bender, Executive Producer

Jaime Bernat, Assistant Editor

Tom Cassidy, Copyright Editor

Chad Cockcroft, Head of Technical Operations

Jill Cowan, Archival Producer

Diana David, Assistant Editor

Ari Fishman, Supervising Producer

Laura Freeman, Development Associate

Sera Gillow, Assistant Editor

Ross Hager, Segment Producer

Matthew Henderson, Program Director / Producer

Emily Keating, Director of Development

George Kunhardt, Executive Director/Producer

Peter Kunhardt, Executive Director/Producer

Teddy Kunhardt, Executive Director/Producer

Nga Nguyen, Post Productiom Supervisor

Dave Schuman, Post Production Supervisor

Emily Schuman, Producer

Nyree Spearman, Post Production Coordinator

Fran Sterling, Director of Education

Jaime Sukonnik, Assistant Editor


48 Wheeler Ave, 3rd Floor
Pleasantville, New York 10570
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Tel: 914-238-6800

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