About Kunhardt Film Foundation

About Kunhardt Film Foundation

The Kunhardt Film Foundation (KFF) is a not-for-profit educational media company that produces documentary films, interviews and teaching tools about the people and ideas that shape our world. KFF was established by a family of filmmakers with a mission to put high quality educational programs, raw interviews and teaching tools into the hands of the public and into schools.

Prior to the launch of KFF, the Kunhardt family produced award-winning documentaries that explore issues relating to history, politics, social justice, the arts, and culture. These films have introduced a generation of viewers to American presidents, senators, cultural and civil rights leaders. They have explored the individuals behind social movements, revealed the inner workings of cultural institutions, and captured times of national tragedy. The principle focus of many of these films is the significance of moral leadership.

Beginning in 2018, many of these films and interviews are being transferred to KFF to establish a unique educational resource for the public. In September 2018 KFF launched The Interview Archive, which presents 35 hours of interviews with civil rights leaders answering questions about Martin Luther King, Jr.  All 19 interviews that were conducted for the HBO documentary King In The Wilderness are now available to the general public. Over time The Interview Archive will make available interviews from other films as the archive expands into an open collection of primary source materials.

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Kunhardt Film Foundation is committed to bringing its award winning films and extensive archives into classrooms. Images, interviews, and archival footage bring students into conversation with the people and ideas that have shaped American culture and policy. 

To learn more about how you can join us in inspiring a new generation of moral leaders and thinkers, please contact Emily Keating, Director of Development and Education: emily@kunhardtfilmfoundation.org

All gifts are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law

Board of Directors
Dario Abreu
George Kunhardt
Peter Kunhardt
Teddy Kunhardt
Timothy Mattison
Arlene Millar
Liliana Wolking
Jason Zwanch

Peter Kunhardt, Executive Producer
George Kunhardt, Producer
Teddy Kunhardt, Producer
Emily Keating, Director of Education and Development
Jill Cowan, Archival Producer
Logan Adler, Business Affairs
Maya Mumma, Editor
Matthew Henderson, Coordinating Producer
Elyse Frenchman, Co-Producer
Emma Sassoon, Associate Producer
Katie Davison, Director
Maria Gabriela Torres, Assistant Editor​
Matt Carco, Production Associate

48 Wheeler Ave, 3rd Floor
Pleasantville, New York 10570
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Tel: 914-238-6800
Email: info@kunhardtfilmfoundation.org

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