Kunhardt Film Foundation is transforming the way young people learn about the past, and more importantly, how to impact our present and our future. Join us in supporting the engaged exchange of ideas rooted in history. Support from corporations, individuals, and foundations, make our work possible. Gifts can be earmarked for particular film projects, and we welcome general operating support to ensure that all the aspects of content creation, outreach, and impact, are realized. All gifts are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Education Resources
Robust, standards-aligned, multimedia Engagement Guides and Lesson Plans for every feature title in the Kunhardt Films library. These materials support innovative and engaging classroom instruction by using the art and power of visual storytelling to enliven coursework in civics, history, government, social justice. History becomes so much more than a fact- or chronology-based endeavor because people and their stories provide the heartbeat of understanding.

The Kunhardt Film’s team of archival producers and filmmakers curate the unique collection of primary source images for the Photo Archive, which are high-resolution downloadable images with full citation. The Interview Archive includes hundreds of hours of interviews with iconic political figures, artists, activists, and eye witness accounts of historical movements, as well as the full transcripts. The Archives will expand into an open collection of primary source materials such as newsreel and public domain footage. All of these resources are free and open to the public on the KFF website. 

Outreach and Engagement
We believe the films and the ideas they present have their greatest impact in the context of a shared experience of a screening room, classroom, or library. KFF’s education resources are designed for turning a screening into lively debate, conversation, and ultimately, action. KFF partners with impact agency Picture Motion to produce screening tours and campaigns.

Professional Development 
KFF supports educators with training, workshops, and support in integrating nonfiction film and primary source materials effectively in the classroom, as well as pedagogical approaches to teaching about equity and social justice. Partners include the National Writing Project, Community Works Institute, and others.

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