King in The Wilderness

“He is issuing as much of a call to us today as he was calling to us in 1968. And I hope we will hear that call and finish the next phase of his movement. He talked about the importance of, ‘keep going forward.’ And he said, “if you can’t fly, you drive. And if you can’t drive you run. And if you can’t run you walk. And if you can’t walk you crawl, but keep moving forward.” - Dr. Marian Wright Edelman, in King in the Wilderness

This screening guide is a resource to engage audiences in informed and thoughtful discussion with King in the Wilderness. Community organizations, educators, and facilitators will discover helpful tips to organize a screening event, pre- and post-screening discussion questions and engagement strategies. These will include encouraging audiences to reflect upon the accomplishments and challenges Martin Luther King, Jr., faced in the last three years of his life. 

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